GitHub - SadeghHayeri/GreenTunnel: GreenTunnel is an anti-censorship utility designed to bypass the DPI system that is put in place by various ISPs to block access to certain websites.

Green Tunnel

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GreenTunnel bypasses DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) systems found in many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) which block access to certain websites.

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How to use

Graphical user interface (GUI)

You can simply choose the suitable installation for your OS in the releases section.

Command-line interface (CLI)

You can install GreenTunnel using npm:

$ npm i -g green-tunnel

after installation you can run it using gt or green-tunnel commands.

$ gt --help
Usage: green-tunnel [options]
Usage: gt [options]

  --help, -h      Show help                                            [boolean]
  --version, -V   Show version number                                  [boolean]
  --ip            ip address to bind proxy server[string] [default: ""]
  --port          port address to bind proxy server     [number] [default: 8000]
  --dns-type               [string] [choices: "https", "tls"] [default: "https"]
  --dns-server        [string] [default: ""]
  --silent, -s    run in silent mode                  [boolean] [default: false]
  --verbose, -v   debug mode                              [string] [default: ""]
  --system-proxy  automatic set system-proxy           [boolean] [default: true]

  gt --ip --port 8000
  gt --dns-server
  gt --verbose 'green-tunnel:proxy*'


for debug use verbose option:

$ green-tunnel --verbose 'green-tunnel:*'


$ docker run -p 8000:8000 sadeghhayeri/green-tunnel


  • PORT


$ docker run -e 'PORT=1000' -p 8000:1000 sadeghhayeri/green-tunnel

Tested on

  • MacOS Catalina with node 12
  • Ubuntu 18.04 with node 8
  • Windows 10 with node 8


How does it work?

There are gaps in providers in DPI. They happen from what the DPI rules write for ordinary user programs, omitting all possible cases that are permissible by standards. This is done for simplicity and speed. Some DPIs cannot recognize the HTTP request if it is divided into TCP segments. For example, a request of the form
GET / HTTP/1.0`

we send it in 2 parts: first comes GET / HTTP/1.0 \n Host: and second sends as \n .... In this example, ISP cannot find blocked word youtube in packets and you can bypass it!

Server Name Indication (SNI) is an extension to TLS (Transport Layer Security) that indicates the actual destination hostname a client is attempting to access over HTTPS. For this Web Filter feature, SNI hostname information is used for blocking access to specific sites over HTTPS. For example, if the administrator chooses to block the hostname youtube using this feature, all Website access attempts over HTTPS that contain youtube like in the SNI would be blocked. However, access to the same hostname over HTTP would not be blocked by this feature. GreenTunnel tries to split first CLIENT-HELLO packet into small chunks and ISPs can't parse packet and found SNI field so bypass traffic!
When you enter a URL in a Web browser, the first thing the Web browser does is to ask a DNS (Domain Name System) server, at a known numeric address, to look up the domain name referenced in the URL and supply the corresponding IP address. If the DNS server is configured to block access, it consults a blacklist of banned domain names. When a browser requests the IP address for one of these domain names, the DNS server gives a wrong answer or no answer at all. GreenTunnel use DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS to get real IP address and bypass DNS Spoofing.

Development notes

GreenTunnel is an open-source app and I really appreciate other developers adding new features and/or helping fix bugs. If you want to contribute to GreenTunnel, you can fork this repository, make the changes and create a pull request.

However, please make sure you follow a few rules listed below to ensure that your changes get merged into the main repo. The rules listed below are enforced to make sure the changes made are well-documented and can be easily kept track of.

  • ⇄ Pull requests and ★ Stars are always welcome.
  • For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.
  • Make sure your pull request has an informative title. You should use prefixes like ADD:, FIX:, etc at the start of the title which describes the changes followed by a one-line description of the changes. Example: ADD: Added a new feature to GreenTunnel
  • Commits in your fork should be informative, as well. Make sure you don't combine too many changes into a single commit.


  • enable/disable proxy on windows
  • HTTPHandler
  • add CLI arguments
  • catch all exceptions
  • add preferences menu
  • fix close button


Love GreenTunnel? Please consider donating to sustain our activities.

Bitcoin: 3C5sj5BJ3n5gYJR27uxowdsgGCq2vjdhn5


Licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE.

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