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Wireless Security Camera

Wireless Tiny Spy Camera

Wireless Security Camera Pro

Wired Bullet Camera

USB Receiver and wireless camera set

Wired Color Door View Camera

Black & White CMOS Miniature Camera

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Wireless Security Camera - weather proof wireless security camera and receiver package. This wireless video camera package is ideal for many security installations. Simply position the camera overlooking the desired position, connect the receiver to your TV and switch between camera and TV view with your TV remote. The camera can send video for 12 hours non-stop if powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery... read more.

Wireless Tiny Spy Camera - this tiny wireless spy camera, measuring just 19mm x 19mm. Mini camera can transmit colour video and sound directly to your TV or VCR for viewing / recording. It can also be plugged into a PC with an analogue video capture card. This covert camera has a built in transmitter with a range of approximately 100m... read more.

Wireless Security Camera Professional - this package comprises a colour wireless camera and a wireless receiver. The receiver can be plugged directly into a TV / VCR for viewing and recording. This high quality surveillance camera is fitted with a 6mm CS-mount lens. (alternative lenses can be supplied on request - contact us for a choice of 4, 8, or 16mm lens)... read more.

Wired Bullet Camera - this wired camera provides high quality video for a wide range of security and CCTV applications. Its compact size of just 85 x 48 x 40mm makes this camera perfect for installations in which space is limited, whilst still offering a visible security presence... read more.

USB Receiver and wireless camera set - weatherproof, wireless and high speed USB transmission makes this Wireless system easy to install and use. With its dual mode you can view and record motion video to your PC using the USB connection... read more.

Wired Color Door View Camera - it offers total safety view through the door, appears as a normal peep hole from the outside and with its wide angle view gives you the opportunity to either safely view a suspect without warning or document any one approaching your doorway... read more.

Black & White CMOS Miniature Camera - miniature camera is the perfect solution for easy installation and high resolution picture quality. The kit comes with everything you need to get monitoring... read more.

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