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MereSurfer 2004 stops the pop-ups, erases tracks of Internet activity while web surfing and protects you from DoS attacks.
MereSurfer installs as a browser extension for Internet Explorer 5.0 (or higher). It is only active when your browser is open. It prevents annoying pop-up windows and fixes web bugs, clears all tracks of Internet activity (cookies, cache, history and typed URLs) while surfing the web. You can recover the disk space by deleting all Internet trash acquired just by one click.

There is also a feature to prevent trusted domains from affecting by MereSurfer. You can easily import trusted domain names from your Favorites folder.

Features of MereSurfer 2004

  • Installs as a browser extension for Internet Explorer 5.0 (or higher);
  • Prevents pop-up windows and error messages;
  • Clear all tracks of Internet activity while surfing the web;
  • Allows detailed settings;
  • Removes all cookies acquired;
  • Removes all cache files acquired;
  • Removes all history acquired;
  • Removes all typed URLs;
  • Does not affect sites from the list of trusted domains;
  • Support management of trusted domains;
  • Support adding domain names from the Favorites folder;
  • Protects from Denial of service (DoS) attacks;
  • Includes a new ultra agressive & intelligent pop-up blocker, which removes unwanted pop-ups only;
  • Play a sound when blocking pop-ups.
Platform Support: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP

Download MereSurfer 2004 Release v9.019 PopUpBlocker Edition Free Now!

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