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Real-time anonymous surfing, Chat, IM, & file sharing. Strongest online defense against spies, Identity thieves & Phishing. ISPs, network admins, or spies can't track or block your access. Live SSL-Encrypted surfing via WebTunnel ensures privacy and hides your IP. Works inside all networks and firewalls. Prevents blocking and filtering domestically & internationally. Supports IM, Chat, file Sharing and all P2P apps. Cleans Cache/history, erases traces beyond recovery. Ultra secure vault protects critical data. Automatically blocks email Spam & viruses. WebTunnel is not static software or a proxy list. It is not a public proxy so it needs no daily or periodic proxy updates for proxies of unknown source or security. WebTunnel protects actively in real-time. Added features include Cache/History cleaner, Trace remover and cookie manager. Free version provides fast, live, anonymous surfing, pop-up/ad killer & hides your IP. 5.52 has updated web application features.


Anonymous Surfing Primedius technology completely protects your web browsing and online activity to ensure your total privacy, security and peace of mind. Unlimited service and unlimited product updates guarantees your satisfaction. Use anywhere, anytime with IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, and Safari.

Encryption and IP Masking

Primedius encrypts all your online communications with hi-level encryption and Masks your IP (Internet address). Your IP can not be detected, you can not be profiled and your activity can not be deciphered. Guaranteed.

SSL Encrypted anonymous Newsgroup & Usenet access

WebTunnel Secure NNTP enables anonymous, encrypted access to Newsgroups and usenets. This service allows you to read and post to newsgroups securely and without being tracked by your network environment. All connections to your Newsgroup or Usenet server are first strongly encrypted by WebTunnel, and then transmitted on to your destination.

Popup and Banner AD Killer

Stops annoying popup windows completely. You can choose to prompt or completely stop all popups. Saves bandwidth by preventing banner and display advertisements from being downloaded.

Private Automatically Spam Protected Email

Highly secure, Spam-free, virus protected, user-specified filter options, simple to use. All email content is encrypted using SSL. Removes more than 98% of Spam automatically.

Protects against Spy ware

WebTunnel prevents reading of your online communications and browsing even when Spyware are present on your computer. Even with spyware removers you are highly unlikely to remove all or prevent new ones from getting on your computer. Primedius protects you despite presence of these snoop and Spy wares.

Anonymous Chat, IRC, P2P, FTP and more

The SOCKS compatibility module in Primedius allows you to use your non-browser applications for chat, IRC, file sharing, FTP, etc. Will allow you to connect through censoring and restrictive firewalls. Supports MSN, Yahoo, AOL and Others.

Cache and History Cleaner

Cleans all cache and online history evidence. Supports Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher. Full release in the near future will support all browsers in our compatibility list.
Features a Panic Button to close all IE instances and user settings to:

  • Delete Temporary internet files, cookies
  • Remove hidden index.dat files
  • Remove all browser address bar entries
  • Clear IE URL history
  • Clear recently used document list
  • Clear recent files in Microsoft Media Player
  • Clear 'Start->Run' list

ZeroHistoryTM Trace Cleaner [Not supported in Mac OSX version]

In addition to all the features of Cache and History Cleaner, it overwrites all deleted data so recovery is not possible. ZeroHistory erases files beyond recovery.

InforSafeTM Secure Storage (15 MB)

Protect personal and valuable information from fire, hard disk crashes, theft and other losses by storing them in a digital safe that provides ready access to your information anywhere and anytime while ensuring safekeeping.

Cookie Manager

Restrict life cycle or completely delete profiling cookies.

Blocks Referrals

Information For every web site you visit, the browser stores the last URL you just visited and this URL is available to the next web site you visit by using a JavaScript property called 'document.referrer'. Additionally, your browser may send an outgoing HTTP header titled 'Referrer' that holds the full URL of the web site you last visited. This information may be used/abused by content providers to track your browsing history and choices. You may use WebTunnelTM to stop this information from being seen without your permission.

Personal Settings

Primedius settings easily allows you to set your preferences for many features of Primedius so it protects just the way you like it. For example, you can choose total pop up blocking or be prompted (great for financial sites with authentication pop ups).

You will get all these features/benefits with any Primedius membership:

  • Encrypted Traffic: Encrypts all traffic between your computer and the Primedius servers using SSL.
  • No Censorship: Surf any web site without being blocked by Corporate and ISP Proxies.
  • No Monitoring: ISPs and network administrators cannot monitor or log your surfing.
  • No Snooping: Prevent hackers from snooping on your browsing session.
  • IP Masking: Shields your computer and prevents web sites from 'harvesting' your computer's IP address.
  • Browser Flexibility: Supports IE, Netscape, AOL, Mozilla, Opera, etc.
  • User Friendly: Easy to use controls with new wizard.
  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Apple Mac OS X or higher supported.
  • Unlimited product updates & Free 24/7 email support.
Platform Support: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003

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