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Popup Killer and Tracks Eraser is robust and easy to use. It helps you get rid of those unsolicited pop-up ads, block Messenger spams, speed up browsing by up 2 to 6 times and protect your privacy online!


Get rid of annoying unsolicited popup windows!

Simply blocking all pop-ups will lose some great features of web sites and interfere your normal browsing. Popup Killer and Tracks Eraser is so smart that it can identify and block all kinds of advertising popup windows and keep the "good" pop-ups when you are surfing online. With Allow List, Popup Killer and Tracks Eraser allows the pop-ups from your trusted web sites. This new version also can stop Messenger pop-up spams for Windows XP/2000/NT.

Speed up browsing!

Popup Killer and Tracks Eraser can Intelligently identify and block the unwanted pop-up window before it has time to download, save your internet bandwidth and enhance browsing speed by up 2 to 6 times.

Protect your privacy online!

Many web sites use cookies to track your surfing habits online. Popup Killer and Tracks Eraser includes a cookie manager that allows users to automatically clean unwanted cookies when the last IE exits, protect your privacy online.

Key features

  • Block unsolicited pop-ups.
  • Block pop-under ads.
  • Block web page dialog ads.
  • Block Messenger popup spams for Windows XP/2000/NT.
  • Never interfere with user's normal navigation.
  • Allow List to allow trusted pop-ups.
  • Save internet bandwidth by blocking pop-ups without loading.
  • Hotkey to temporarily allow popup windows.
  • Sound notification on blocking.
  • Automatically clean cookies to protect privacy online.
  • Robust and never make IE crash or frozen.
  • Residing on system Tray with an icon, easy to use, light to your system's resource.
  • Compatible with IE5.01/5.5/6.0
Platform Support: Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP

Download Popup Killer and Tracks Eraser 2.0 Now!

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