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Sygate Personal Firewall

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Prisma Firewall

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ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware

IMsecure Pro

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Prisma Firewall 1.5.3

Designed for home and small office settings, Prisma Firewall software provides a reliable solution to intrusion prevention, a personal firewall for individual PCs.

Thus, for preserving the confidential and the integrity of the data in private computers or company computers, every person or company needs a firewall. Unfortunately, most of these software programs are made with complex interface and design, useful for experienced users in administrating computer networks.

Created and developed especially for home users and small business users, Prisma Firewall is easy to install, to learns and use, offering the following advantages: filtering network traffic, allowing the access of only required information; the blocking of attacks; offering stealth protection for the user on the Internet, so that it can't be detected and attacked; the control of the applications network access; sending messages and alert signals when the computer is being attacked.

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