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The risks associated with spyware/malware have never been greater than they are today. What began with modest irritations, stealing time and productivity from your employees, has now escalated into a full-scale battle against corporate security and privacy. The risks associated with spyware are increasingly more severe, including compromised privacy and legal liability issues.

Product Information
Ad-Aware SE Enterprise offers the highest level of protection combined with a centralized management system that puts the power of privacy protection directly into the hands of your IT administrator.

The Ad-Aware SE Enterprise incorporates the Ad-Aware SE Professional and the Ad-Aware SE Enterprise Console management tool to give your IT administrator control over your entire business network security.

Key Features - Enterprise Console

  • View all registered and active clients
  • View all machines running Ad-Aware SE
  • Update client software using .msi files and Windows Group policies
  • Update detection definition files on all client computers
  • Monitor the reference file version for all client computers
  • Monitor the malware detection logs from previous Ad-Aware executions
  • Monitor the Console server status
  • Scan one or more clients over the network
  • Specify notifications for events such as reference file updates and network scans
Key Features - Professional
  • User-controlled spyware removal
  • Customizable Scans
  • Code Sequence Identification (CSI) technology
  • Extensive Lavasoft Detection Database
  • ADS scan
  • Blocks browser hijackers
  • Quarantine manager
  • Real-time scanning
  • Registry protection
  • Executable file protection
  • Process Watch module
  • Command line interface

Combating spyware in a corporate environment is simplified by allowing the IT administrator to centrally manage anti-spyware on all network clients.

Increase employee productivity and enhance computer performance with top-quality protection against bandwidth-stealing programs.

Let us relieve your workload. Spend more time computing and less time solving problems, knowing Ad-Aware will protect you from sneaky spyware using real-time scanners.

Surf the web and share files safely. We can relieve the burden of protecting your classified business information by keeping out keyloggers and other programs that put vulnerable data at risk.

You are in the driver's seat. Many of our competitors automatically delete programs that you may actually want to keep (web toolbars, etc.). We let you decide.

Feel at ease knowing you have priority access to our knowledgeable and friendly support staff at the Lavasoft Support Center.

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